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Window design options: curtains, shutters, and/or blinds

A nice window can adorn the interior, as well as fulfill its primary function of illuminating the room during the day and preventing heat escape from the room in winter (assuming that energy-efficient technologies are used). However, a window that is not decorated with additional elements, looks out of place and somehow incomplete. To avoid this, homeowners use curtains, blinds and shutters. Let’s find out what styles are trendy today and which are the most popular in Canada.

Use of 2- and 3-pane insulated glazing in energy conservation

When choosing double-glazed windows, it’s not just the price (although it’s an important parameter) that you should pay attention to, but also other characteristics. These may be the size, shape, type of profile, and brand. The number of layers also affects your choice. Among the most commonly used windows are double-layered and triple-layered structures, which are also called single- and double-chambered windows, respectively. Let’s analyze their composition, differences, advantages, and area of application.

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