A nice window can adorn the interior, as well as fulfill its primary function of illuminating the room during the day and preventing heat escape from the room in winter (assuming that energy-efficient technologies are used). However, a window that is not decorated with additional elements, looks out of place and somehow incomplete. To avoid this, homeowners use curtains, blinds and shutters. Let’s find out what styles are trendy today and which are the most popular in Canada.

What design options are popular today?

When deciding on window décor elements, you should consider the overall ambiance of the room, its color scheme, and its purpose. It is true that apartment curtains cannot look the same as those in an office or public institution, for example. Thus, a wide variety of options are available today. Let us examine which curtains, blinds, and shutters are bought most often this year.


These window decoration elements have been popular for centuries. They are most often made of fabric (artificial or natural) and can be used both alone and in combination with other curtains.

Roman blinds

It is a plain cloth that closes or opens the window when you move the fabric vertically (up-down) using transversal slats. When lifted, it gets together in waves. This option is perfect for both classic interiors and modern style furnishings. They are used in all types of living areas – from bathrooms to living rooms. Typically they are monochrome, but you can also experiment with prints, as shown in the photo.


Roman blinds can go effectively with darker colored drapes. In the photo, the set perfectly matches the Ecoline windows installed in an Edmonton house.


Geometric blinds

These are trendy curtains with triangles, the perfect option for decorating the interior with big panoramic semi-circular windows. In the picture below, you can see Roman blinds in this particular style. The triangles have tassels on the tops, which add a highlight to the curtains when they are rolled up.


Austrian curtains

Before, when decorating the monarchs’ chambers, they used to cover the windows with French curtains, which look a bit pretentious and probably ridiculous in relation to modern apartments. However, these days they have a simplified version – Austrian curtains – which look attractive and rather appropriate for classic interiors. Their key feature is that they have folds that appear when they are pulled together. The picture shows a classic style bathroom with Austrian curtains.


Bamboo curtains

Would you like your room decoration to look nice and expensive? An extremely popular option would be bamboo curtains. Three varieties are offered today:

  •         Woven curtains.
  •         Pleated curtains.
  •         Vertical curtains (folded).

It is an all-natural fabric made from bamboo, which, in addition to its direct function, also safeguards us by destroying germs. These curtains are long-lasting and can be used on any windows. For instance, they look good on Ecoline windows in Edmonton’s detached houses (photo). Similarly, the pleated version is used in place of interior doors that divide the space.

French blind

They started using this type of light protection devices not so long ago, as they are “only” a little over 250 years old. A distinction is made between vertical and horizontal designs, depending on the direction of opening – up/down or right/left.

Initially, blinds were only made of wood, but now they are also made of fabric, plastic, and metal. With these, you can trigger light into the room and still keep what’s going on in the apartment hidden. Obviously, they are mostly associated with office designs, but there are other options as well. In this picture, for example, we see the dining room, where the windows are covered with floor-to-ceiling wood blinds, which looks laconic and attractive.


Whereas original shutters (which appeared in the pre-Christian era) protected against the cold and burglars, today they are more of a decorative element. The picture below shows a classic version of modern shutters, installed on nice arched windows. They give the room extra texture and spaciousness and do not cover the wide window sills. You have to admit, curtains and blinds would look less impressive here.

Here’s another option for floor-to-ceiling wooden shutters on regular windows that give the impression of panoramic structures.

What is popular in Canada today?

Canada is in step with the rest of the world, and you can’t say that there are any different preferences in the choice of curtains. Canadians buy today’s trendy models and don’t shy away from ever-popular classics; they look perfect on Ecoline windows in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and other cities. Most often people buy:

  •         Roller blinds that roll up when you open them; the preferred color is sandy and milky white.
  •         Various types of curtains for bedrooms and living rooms in the mocha color (with a plant print) that look luxurious and require no tulle.
  •         Day-Night curtains which allow you to adjust the light permeability through the use of strips of different densities.

Speaking of shutters, the old classics of the genre – long and floor-length wooden structures that can virtually increase the window height and imitate panoramic structures – are once again in vogue today. We mentioned them earlier.

Canadians also favor lacquered wood blinds, a trend that surfaced last year and continues today.

A high-quality modern window must have a stylish frame, and curtains, blinds or shutters are perfect for this. Not only they fulfill their function of light protection, but also add their own unique appeal to the interior design.