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Welcome to Wind SimplicityTM

Wind Simplicity™ is the designer and manufacturer of the high-efficiency, compact, noise-free* Windancer™ small wind turbine that helps you turn pollution-free wind energy into free electricity.

A revolutionary horizontal-axis wind turbine, the multi-award-winning Windancer™ is available in 3 and 7 kW.

Generate your own electricity onsite with the Windancer.™ The Windancer™ is ideal for urban, rural, residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and remote-community use. In fact, anywhere there are good wind resources and a good location.

*negligible noise and vibration

WindancerTM Benefits

Reduce your energy bill or make money with your own WindancerTM onsite

Electricity prices are rising as ageing infrastructures are being upgraded. Owning your own Windancer™ can help you significantly reduce your energy bill, or even make money, depending on your local green energy purchase programs/incentives.

The Windancer's breakthrough, patented 2-rotor design contributes to the Windancer's high efficiency. It has a low start-up speed. Generate free, pollution-free renewable energy more often, which accumulates over time.

Disaster and Emergency Management - the Windancer™ self-lit beacon in a sea of darkness

There is no denying that extreme weather conditions are becoming more common. Superstorm Sandy and the 2013 Calgary and Toronto floods and the Toronto ice storm resulted in extensive power outages.

There is a need to be prepared for unexpected weather to minimize devastation. The availability of fuel for back-up generators is limited and may not always be a long-term option. Wind is potentially available 24/7 to power lighting and can be used in a hybrid wind/solar micro-grid to meet vital electricity needs.

When power fails so do our usual forms of communication: internet, tv, radio and phone. It's hard to get an address for warming or cooling centres. Emergency gathering centres and shelters can be easily identified from far away with a Windancer™ onsite. The Windancer™ can be used as an easily identifiable self-lit beacon in a sea of darkness for designated facilities.

The Windancer™ is easily portable, can be lowered in advance of a storm and set up quickly after for onsite power generation. Wind Simplicity™ can help assess the suitability of your site. Make the Windancer™ part of your renewable energy emergency contingency and disaster recovery plan today.

Save money with compact design

You can also save money on installation, maintenance and transport costs because the Windancer's unique, compact design makes it ideal for lower towers. The Windancer™ is light in weight and durable.

It has a small footprint and it can be installed where no other wind turbines with similar output can go. The Windancer™ is a portable asset.

Greater Independence in a power blackout

Even a short time without electricity can have catastrophic and costly effects.
Electricity is a vital part of our lives – it's necessary for bringing water to our taps, preserving our food, for our security, communication, heating and cooling, business and banking, manufacturing, and medical equipment, just to name a few of its essential uses.

Power outages are caused by situations beyond our control and have been shown to be long-lasting and widespread. The ageing infrastructure of cities is expensive to upgrade. Our cities have not been designed to withstand extreme weather events. For your own greater peace of mind, the Windancer™ can be used with off-grid and hybrid systems. The Windancer™ is easily portable, can be lowered in advance of a storm and set up quickly after for onsite power generation. Start generating your independent source of onsite electricity with the Windancer™ today.

Gain LEED Points. Make your LEED building more visible

Installing a Windancer™ onsite to generate renewable energy can help your building achieve LEED certification and make your LEED building stand out.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a third-party certification program and an internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.

Sustainable life cycle

With a long and sustainable product life cycle, the Windancer™ has aluminium windblades™ with a cradle-to-cradle life cycle. The Windancer™ is designed to be recycled at the end of its long life so it produces zero waste.

Recycling also reduces landfill. As a production input it uses less energy, produces less greenhouse gas and has less environmental impact than using virgin resources. Recycling also creates many more jobs than disposal.

Enhance your brand

The Windancer™ provides attractive, visible green energy onsite. A dynamic symbol, it can be colour-customized to enhance your brand and built environment. It can even power your signage 24/7. Make a statement, be easy to find on a highway and inspire customers to choose you!

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